Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tuxes - CHECK!

I thought this would never happen. For some reason we couldn't pick a style we liked, or pick a color for the vests. I figured this would be something Rob would be excited to do, I mean it's only what he will be wearing all night! But, he wanted nothing to do with it! Yesterday we were driving around and were about to pass Men's Warehouse and I talked Rob into stopping in for a second to look around. Next thing I know we are looking at swatches and Rob is getting measured. The women who worked at the store we went to were great! They made us feel really comfortable and answered all our questions.

So here is what we chose for the men....

All the guys will be wearing the same tux. Rob will be wearing the Tuscany black vest, but with the Malibu (turquoise) tie. Also, Rob and his groomsmen will all be wearing Chuck Taylors in Black with Malibu laces.

The groomsmen will be wearing the Tuscany vest in Malibu will a black tie.

My dad and step-dad will be wearing the same tux as the guys. They will be wearing the Tuscany vest in Platinum with a matching tie. They will be wearing regular dress shoes instead of the Converse.

I can't wait to see how great the guys are going to look! Especially the Converse shoes. Once the sales lady told us about them, I knew Rob and all the guys would LOVE them! And who doesn't love when everything matches?!

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