Monday, March 1, 2010


A couple days ago I received an e-mail from Michael's saying that all their flowers were buy 1 get 1 free this week!!! So me and Rob (my FI) went there this evening and got tons of flowers. Because of the awesome sale, I wasn't able to get as much as I would of liked. Oh well, I've never made bouquets before so i only need enough to make a sample.

While I was at Michael's I couldn't believe how much they were! I had no idea. I guess compared to the price of real flowers, its a good deal. And just standing there in the aisle, holding a handful of white roses, made me want to walk down the aisle even more!! Rob was even getting into it. He was grabbing different flowers and putting them together to see if he liked the way they looked. It was the most enthusiastic he has ever been at Michael's.

Here are some of my bouquet inspiration.

*my bouquet-but all white and without the beads on the last one*

For my Girls
*I will be using blue flowers instead of the black*

For the Guys
I am in love with the guys bout. idea I found online.

*For Rob*

*For the Groomsmen*

I will be attempting these when I return from Ohio after St. Patty's Day.
So stay tuned.....!

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