Sunday, February 28, 2010


For my favors I decided to do white boxes with kisses w/ our names and wedding date on the bottom of the kisses and finished the boxes with a blue bow and a thank you tag. I also added some confetti in the boxes.
It took my roommate, my fiance, and myself about 12-15 hours to complete all 97 boxes (3 boxes came damaged)
*This is what I spent on them - $20 for 100 favor boxes at michaels (used a 40% off coupon so they cost around $12) - 2 sheets of white shimmer paper and 3 sheets of blue paper (got them for 5 for $.95 at joanns so I bought a BUNCH lol) - 3 bags of kisses $8.99 each bag (no discount- I couldnt find them any cheaper) - 2 rolls of ribbon ( 2 for $5 at Michaels) - Glue dots (it took about 300 $4.99) - 2 packs of kisses labels ($4.99 each) - 2 bags of blue paper confetti ($2.99 each) - LOTS OF TIME!! (Took me, my MOH, and FI about 15 hours to get them all done!) $65.87 plus tax (5.66 here) = $71.53 Around $.72 each!!
My fiance tying the bows. Such a trooper :)
The finished product

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