Sunday, February 28, 2010

Wedding DIY List

So I have decided to do as much of my wedding DIY as I can. This is my list of things to do

- Favors (Done)

- Cake Topper (In progress)

- Save-the-dates (Done)

- Invitations

- Bride & Bridesmaids tank tops and flip flops

- Reception flowers (maybe)

- Reception Centerpieces (maybe)

- OOT Guest Baskets

- Bathroom Baskets

- Water Bottle labels (In progress)

- Program Paddle Fans

- Bubbles (just adding ribbon)

- Belly Bands for Invitations

- BM Guides (vol. 1 done and sent)

BM Gifts (jewelry and glasses)

and more... as I think of it. lol

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